2020: Sector 5 Digital’s Year in Review.

Although 2020 was unexpected and difficult for all of us, it taught our entire team here at Sector 5 Digital (S5D) invaluable lessons on perseverance and innovation.  We are extremely thankful to our incredible customers for all of their support and confidence in us.

Galderma Interactive Anatomy VR

We started off the year with a bang in launching one of our most revolutionary projects, the Galderma Interactive Anatomy (GIA) VR Experience. Our team saw an opportunity to adopt new adult learning principles by utilizing leading-edge technology and enhance Galderma’s customer educational experience. Sector 5 Digital created a virtual, interactive cadaver named GIA, along with a motion-based Virtual-Reality (VR) experience, designed to teach the Galderma Aesthetics Injector Network (GAIN) on the foundations of facial anatomy and where their products should be injected, to ensure the safest and most natural outcomes for patients.

To view our full, in-depth case study, click here.

Bell CES 2020

Next, the S5D team partnered with Bell and GES to create a sensation at CES 2020, educating attendees that the Bell Nexus is not just an aircraft, but rather an entire ecosystem experience.

While the Bell Nexus itself is a pinnacle in engineering and technology, for CES 2020, Bell’s focus was on the entire user experience, showcasing how these amazing aircraft will be integrated into daily life in a future Smart City. Show attendees could walk through the city and witness autonomous reduced-scale drone versions of the Bell Nexus flying overhead, all controlled by Bell’s new fleet scheduling platform.

Sector 5 Digital developed the content for the LED city buildings and background video walls, including dynamic movement of people and traffic to highlight the infrastructure and add to the interactivity of the drones with the connected city. Scenarios of various use cases, such as transportation, logistics and emergency services, were presented along with external disruptions like weather, traffic and construction to add realism and engagement.

The experience was hugely successful, with numerous Bell partners, both domestic and international, sponsoring buildings to promote their involvement in the Smart City of the future.

To read the complete case study, click here.

Ecolab Nalco Water Digital Collaboration Center

Sector 5 Digital’s next big endeavor, in partnership with GES and Maman Corporation, was in the development of an immersive, holographic experience for Ecolab Nalco Water’s new Digital Collaboration Center (DCC) at their campus headquarters in Naperville, IL.

S5D, GES and Maman created a physical holodeck, equipped with nine edge-blended 3D projectors, to virtually immerse Nalco Water’s customers in their specific industries and encourage learning about their new digital offerings. Sector 5 Digital created highly engaging stories that put visitors into an interactive 360-degree, 3-dimensional environment while communicating how Ecolab Nalco Water’s digital offerings would benefit their clients’ business.

The brand launch generated a dramatic increase in internal stakeholder buy-in and proved to be an efficient sales tool for Nalco Water’s sales and communications teams.

Check out the full case study here.

S5D RUSH | Next-Generation Storytelling

With the unexpected arrival of COVID-19, businesses were forced to think and act differently in order to remain relevant, as they could no longer rely on face-to-face communication. Sector 5 Digital overcame this challenge for our clients by launching an innovative new Virtual Experience platform, S5D RUSH. This platform allows photorealistic, 3D virtual exhibits, experiences and training environments to be streamed seamlessly in real time from any browser or device with no download or installation required.

S5D RUSH can be controlled by a single user with an unlimited number of viewers following along on a single online stream. To see all the capabilities of S5D RUSH in action, click here to schedule a live demonstration with us today.

Halliburton Landmark Virtual Product Launch

With businesses forced to pivot to the digital space, Halliburton Landmark turned to Sector 5 Digital to help them deliver an unprecedented global virtual announcement for their new Digital Well Operations (DWO) products and services.

The S5D team created a captivating experience to announce Halliburton Landmark’s newest DWO offerings and delivered it through a seamless online streaming experience using the S5D RUSH platform. The virtual event allowed Halliburton Landmark’s worldwide customer base to learn about their product offerings and easily view demos, which dramatically increased engagement and lead generation.

Over 1,700 unique global users registered for the event, and 43% of registered users viewed the online experience live, with others viewing later on-demand. Based on this incredible success, Halliburton Landmark plans on partnering with Sector 5 Digital for additional virtual experiences in 2021!

Read the full case study here.

Awards + Accomplishments

Despite its many hardships, 2020 was not without opportunities for celebration. Sector 5 Digital’s exceptional work on the Galderma Interactive Anatomy (GIA) VR Experience paid off later in the year when Galderma and S5D received a trifecta of awards: a Gold MM+M Award, Platinum Marcom Award, and Platinum Hermes Creative Award!

Sector 5 Digital also received a Technology Innovator Award from Corporate Vision Magazine and was named one of the Best AR & VR Developers to consider in 2021 by DesignDrizzle Magazine. Additionally, S5D was honored as one of the Best Event Marketing Companies in Fort Worth, Texas by International Business Times.


Overall, despite the circumstances, Sector 5 Digital had a highly productive and rewarding 2020. Stay tuned to see all of the great things we accomplish with our customers in 2021!

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