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Sam Losar Appointed as New General Manager of Sector 5 Digital

[FORT WORTH, TX / October 6, 2023] Sector 5 Digital (“S5D”), a leading immersive technology subsidiary company of The Glimpse Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRAR; “Glimpse”), is excited to announce the appointment of Sam Losar as its new General Manager (“GM”).


Sam Losar has over 25 years of experience leading international and domestic businesses as the CEO of several global companies in the technology sector. Throughout his career, he has negotiated and developed partnerships with NASDAQ, Microsoft, Cisco, AT&T, T-Mobile, other Fortune 500 companies and various Department of Defense entities.


In his previous role, Mr. Losar acted as GM of SpearXR, another Glimpse Group subsidiary company, which recently merged its operations into S5D.  


“We are delighted to welcome Sam Losar as S5D’s new General Manager. His deep industry knowledge, strategic vision, and dedication to excellence make him the ideal fit to lead our team and drive S5D into a future of continued growth and success,” said Jeff Meisner, co-founder and former GM of S5D. 


“I am honored to take on the role of General Manager at S5D,” said Sam Losar. “This is an incredible opportunity to work with a talented and dedicated team, and I am committed to driving the company’s growth and delivering exceptional results for our clients.” 


Jeff Meisner will now be focusing full time on his role as Glimpse’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), S5D’s parent company.


“I’m excited to dedicate my efforts towards my role as CRO of Glimpse and look forward to creating synergistic opportunities for global enterprises and partners to utilize the vast resources and technologies within the entire Glimpse Group ecosystem,” said Jeff Meisner. 


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About The Glimpse Group, Inc.

The Glimpse Group (NASDAQ: VRAR, FSE: 9DR) is a diversified Immersive technology platform company, providing enterprise-focused Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Spatial Computing software & services. Glimpse’s unique business model builds scale and a robust ecosystem, while simultaneously providing investors an opportunity to invest directly into this emerging industry via a diversified platform. For more information on The Glimpse Group, please visit  

About Sector 5 Digital

Sector 5 Digital (S5D) helps companies transform their brands by creating brilliant digital content for marketing, communications, sales, entertainment, visualization, and simulation. S5D has an in-house studio developing immersive experiences through Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), 3D modeling and animation, film & video production, interactive game technology, and a lot more. For more information on Sector 5 Digital, please visit  

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