Our Work

Our Work

Check out our different projects. At least the ones we can talk about.

Galderma Interactive Anatomy App

S5D created an easily accessible application for Galderma to educate injector trainees on facial anatomy and ensure a safer experience with patients, significantly reducing the cost and increasing the scale of quality anatomy training.

Team Viper/Venom AR App

S5D assisted Team Viper/Venom (TVV) to portray each of the 13 partners’ contributions to the AH-1Z and UH-1Y aircrafts, while showcasing it in a “Raid/Escort” scenario to be used as a sales tool to potential customers.

Galderma Chin Anatomy Video

S5D created a video training piece to provide Healthcare Professionals with a realistic, visual context of the anatomy of the chin and position Galderma’s Restylane® Defyne™ as the ideal solution for chin support and definition.

Halliburton Virtual Product Launch

Halliburton Landmark, by using the S5D RUSH platform, delivered an engaging and unprecedented virtual announcement for their new Digital Well Operations product.

Ecolab Digital Collaboration Center

Sector 5 Digital developed an immersive, 3D holographic experience housed within the Digital Collaboration Center (DCC) at Ecolab Nalco Water Headquarters in Naperville, IL.​

Bell CES 2020

Sector 5 Digital and Bell teamed up to create a sensation at CES 2020 by showcasing the new Bell Nexus aircraft in a ‘Virtual LED City’, the smart city of the future.

Galderma Anatomy VR

Galderma partnered with Sector 5 Digital to create an immersive motion-based VR experience to take their anatomy training to the next level in order to teach doctors and injectors who are non-physicians how to inject safely and effectively for optimal patient results.

Nexus 2019

Bell’s augmented reality, photo-realistic animation and VR Simulator at CES 2019.

IBM Cloud Server Challenge VR Series

A Virtual Spin on an IBM Cloud Favorite

Titus Magic Portal AR

The Most Innovative HVAC Company


The Most Reliable, Effective, and Widely-Fielded Gun of its Size in the World

Air Taxi 2018

Bell launches the Air Taxi at CES with multiple immersive VR experiences created by S5D

American Airlines Disney Planes Experience

In-terminal experience to promote American’s new brand

AIA Vision 2050

A first-of-its-kind Facebook/Instagram Augmented Reality experience that launched at SXSW Interactive 2019.

Bell V280 VR

Immersive VR Storytelling to market the capabilities of the V280

Bell V247 VR

Continuing on the success of the v280 VR experience, built out a similar experience.

Bell Future Flight Controls

Flight simulators to analyze the properties of flight stick configurations

Bell Commercial VR

Take a flight in Virtual Reality

Bell Innovation Wall

An interactive screen exploring Bell’s rich history and innovation of flight

American Airlines Microsite

Microsite 360 Animated Tour

American Airlines Gear VR

AA Is using innovating techniques to empower it’s sales team


Insane retro arcade action for the masses

Citation Longitude VR

Takine Textron Aviation’s Marketing to New Heights

Texas Live!

Knocking it out of the park…and then some!