HTC VIVE Forklift VR Simulator

HTC VIVE Forklift VR Simulator

Sector 5 Digital (S5D) and HTC VIVE partnered to create a Virtual Reality (VR) forklift training simulation that demonstrates how HTC VIVE’s Pro Eye headset with eye tracking capabilities can be used to enhance VR for enterprise.


  • HTC VIVE wanted to showcase the relevance of eye tracking for VR training and simulation applications, a unique feature of the HTC VIVE Pro Eye headset that was not offered by their competitors at the time.
  • S5D selected forklift training as the best use case because it is a critical and relevant training need for most enterprises. Forklift operators must be trained to safely operate the equipment and to avoid collisions with other objects in the warehouse. Traditional forklift training methods can be time-consuming, expensive, and potentially expose trainees to safety risks.


  • Our team developed an immersive, “gamified” VR forklift simulator that utilizes HTC VIVE’s Pro Eye tracking capabilities to improve the safety and efficiency of forklift training. The simulator provides a realistic and engaging training environment that allows trainees to learn at their own pace and to make mistakes without causing any harm.
  • The simulator uses eye tracking to monitor the trainee’s attention and provide feedback on their performance. Our solution used the increased accuracy of eye tracking to record the exact location of the trainee’s eyes during any safety infractions.
  • We then used a third person replay system to show the trainee a visual representation of where they were looking in relation to their environment. This allowed trainees to easily see when and why they committed safety infractions.
  • We used gamification and analytics to score the trainee’s performance. For example, if the trainee does not check the areas around the forklift before loading and unloading pallets, the simulator will deduct points from their final score. This feedback helps to ensure that trainees are learning to operate the forklift safely and allows companies to track and verify the progress of individual trainees.


  • The use case proved to be an effective way to educate enterprises about the different uses of VR in training simulations.
  • We successfully leveraged HTC’s groundbreaking eye-tracking headset to enhance VR training beyond what was possible with current industry standard practices.
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