Texas Live!

Texas Live! Launch

Knocking it out of the park… and then some!


Usher in a new era for the sports and entertainment district of Arlington.

The Cordish Companies in partnership with the City of Arlington and the Texas Rangers, launched a new sports and entertainment complex right in the heart of the entertainment district. An opening gala was planned complete with live music, food, drinks, celebrity appearances, and speeches from city leaders and all of the partners. The eyes were on the Texas Live! that night. They needed something smashing for the opening moment, and S5D was happy to oblige.


We created a countdown video that connected the past to the present and ushered in the future. It starts with a seemingly normal Rangers’ batting practice that is suddenly crashed by none other than Pudge Rodriguez. Pudge rips off a thunderous hit that sends the ball ricocheting around the ball park and eventually ends up crashing into Texas Live! The screen goes blank for a heart stopping moment followed by the big countdown. As the countdown completes, smoke and confetti pour into the arena as fireworks erupt on screen. Welcome to Texas Live!


The arena was full of energy and cheers rang out as Pudge stepped up to the plate. When the countdown completed, Texas Live! launched with a thunderous applause. Scores of people posted the exciting moment on social media, and the story was picked up by local news outlets. Pudge Rodriguez even shared the video on his own Facebook account. It was truly a night to remember!

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