Bell V247 VR

BELL v-247

Adding onto the success of the V-280 Virtual Reality experience, S5D built a virtual simulation that showcases the selling points of the V-247, Bell’s future drone, to fly alongside the V-280.


  • Bell needed to showcase the capabilities of the unmanned V-247, but in a way that was more meaningful than a typical presentation or still images.
  • The user needed to clearly understand the offerings of this aircraft, while spending less than 10 minutes learning about them.
  • Lastly, this drone needed to be seen by potential clients in areas where a full mockup couldn’t fit or wasn’t allowed due to security constraints.


  • S5D built a new Virtual Reality (VR) experience highlighting the capabilities of the V-247 that included suite of options for Bell to choose from on the home page.
  • This enabled Bell to have multiple experiences, each focused on a different selling point, that they could queue up immediately based on the direction of the conversation.
  • With the ability to control the pacing of the educational experience, users were able to spend as little as 2 minutes and still take away key learnings intended by the VR experience. 


  • The suite was a success and led to the purchase and deployment of many more Vive kits across the United States and internationally.
  • Not only was the experience used as a key ice breaker for more rigid military conversations but is still frequently used today to quickly cut through long presentations and get right to the point of what this aircraft can offer.
  • The experience has also been repurposed into a classroom-style learning tool, where an entire audience can watch in 3D together.
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