American Airlines Microsite

American airline microsite

Sector 5 Digital was charged with creating an innovative way to empower potential passengers and sales team at American Airlines to see many of the cabins in the fleet


To create a product accessible on all current devices, mobile and PC, that allows the team at American Airlines to accurately and quickly communicate the key selling points of various cabins in the American fleet. A key challenge is showing potential buyers, both local and international, a cohesive look at the offerings of American Airlines cabins as well as new lounges.


Sector 5 Digital repurposed previously created models for a VR experience to create a platform agnostic solution. This web-based product, tested and launched on all current devices, allows users to experience a 360 animated tour of the cabins in 4 of American’s aircraft as well as their Flagship Lounge. The fidelity captured by internal methodologies is beyond what any competitor has been able to achieve. Phones and tablets were also able to take tours in a full look-around environment, allowing the devices to act as a window into the aircraft interior.


The website launched in 2018 and has since been accessed by an incredible amount of users. This website has proven useful not just for the sales team or an occasional consumer interest, but serves as a great tool for key conversations in leadership that only have 30 seconds in a hallway to communicate a point. Why try to talk for 30 seconds when you can pull your phone out and let the experience speak for itself?

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