BAE Systems MK45 3D Experience

The Most Reliable, Effective, and Widely-Fielded Gun of its Size in the World


To develop a sales tool that emphasize the unique capabilities of the Mk45 Naval Gun System and its automated Ammunition Handling System (AHS) at EURONAVAL 2018.


BAE partnered with S5D to create a captivating narrative through a passive 3D experience for BAE Systems’ sales team to walk potential customers through the lethal capabilities of the MK45 Naval Gun System that will be used for events, conferences, and sales demonstrations.


Using a 65” passive-3D TV, BAE Systems and Sector 5 Digital created a combat-based scenario that provided an overview of the Mk45 Naval Gun System and it’s multitude of capabilities to allow a better understanding for prospective customers. The video was also developed as a 2D video that was used on social and a portable iPad solution.

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