Bell Nexus Smart City

Bell Nexus Smart City

Sector 5 Digital and Bell teamed up to create a sensation at CES 2020 by showcasing the new Bell Nexus aircraft in a ‘Virtual LED City’, the smart city of the future.


  • Bell was determined to capitalize on their previous award-winning CES experiences with a show-stopping, brilliantly innovative exhibit.
  • The goal was to continue the story of the Bell Nexus and explain how it is not just an aircraft, but rather a whole ecosystem and experience.


  • While the Bell Nexus itself is a pinnacle in engineering and technology, for CES 2020, Bell’s focus was on the user experience, showcasing how these amazing aircraft will be integrated into daily life in a Smart City. The LED city was integrated with the exhibit’s lighting and A/V systems to extend the immersive aspect of the environment.
  • Show attendees were able to walk through the city and witness autonomous reduced-scale drone versions of the Bell Nexus flying overhead, controlled by Bell’s new fleet scheduling platform.
  • Sector 5 Digital developed the content for the city buildings and background video walls, including dynamic people and traffic to highlight the infrastructure and allow the aircraft to interact with the connected city. Scenarios of various use cases, such as transportation, logistics and emergency services, were presented along with external disruptions like weather, traffic and construction to add realism and engagement.


  • The experience was hugely successful, with numerous Bell partners, both domestic and international, sponsoring buildings to promote their involvement in the Smart City of the future.
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