Citation Longitude VR

citation longitude vr

Taking Textron Aviation’s Marketing to new heights.


Introduce the public to Textron Aviation’s first entry into the super-mid sized category, the Cessna Citation Longitude.

  • Demo flights and full-scale build-outs are expensive. Cessna needed a way to cost-effectively demo the aircraft and its many customization options to a large audience.
  • The main goal was to create waves and capture a share of this already competitive category.


  • Sector 5 Digital (S5D) created a virtual reality experience that allowed users to take a flight from New York to Paris, during which they could explore the aircraft’s many available color and configuration options.
  • We leveraged the HTC Vive VR headset in tandem with an actual seat from the aircraft to make this a 1:1 experience. Users also wore noise cancelling headphones to allow them to compare the cabin noise level of the Longitude to its main competitors.
  • This multi-sensory approach immersed users at a deep and memorable level.


  • The Citation Longitude debuted at NBAA 2017 in a big way. The combination of Virtual Reality alongside the static demo aircraft made for a powerful selling tool, peaking the interest of many prospective buyers.
  • Soon after NBAA, Textron Aviation took the experience on a 50 city road tour as well as a tour of the Asia-Pacific region. Due to the success of these deployments, a mobile version of the experience was created to assist the traveling sales force.

Cessna Citation Longitude Virtual Reality Marketing

Sector 5 Digital created a VR experience to help market Textron Aviation’s newest private jet, the Citation Longitude. In this video you’ll see how we used HTC VIVE to deliver critical information, impossible to experience using other media.
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