Corganics Company Sizzle Video

Corganics company sizzle video

Sector 5 Digital worked with Corganics to produce a marketing video to educate Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) on their high-end line of non-prescription CBD products.


  • Corganics, a new company, needed to attract their target audience of Healthcare Professionals while educating them on what sets their products apart from traditional CBD remedies.
  • Although their products are non-prescription, they are much cleaner and higher quality than retail CBD, and that message needed to be translated into the video.


  • Leveraging S5D’s superb video production capabilities, we created a highly polished, data driven video to introduce HCPs to Corganics’ brand and educate them on product offerings.
  • By using a combination of 3D animation and real footage, the video demonstrated the effects of cannabinoid on the human body, focusing on a more molecular and anatomical feel rather than cartoonish look of typical CBD video marketing.


  • Corganics was very impressed with the final video and felt that it fit their brand message perfectly.
  • The video now lives on the front page of their website, giving potential customers an accurate first impression of the company and their product line.
  • Their customers also use the video when featuring Corganic’s products.

“[Sector 5 Digital] is first class with their approach, competency, and collaboration with us as partners at Corganics,” said Chad Collins, CEO and Co-Founder of Corganics. “We could not be more pleased with their output of this project that will lead to additional work together.”

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