Ecolab Digital Collaboration Center


Sector 5 Digital (S5D) and partners worked together to develop an immersive, 3D holographic experience housed within the Digital Collaboration Center (DCC) at Ecolab Nalco Water Headquarters in Naperville, IL.​


• Ecolab Nalco Water required an innovative way to highlight their digital offerings with the launch of their brand-new digital service – ECOLAB3D.

• The DCC experience needed to create “jaw-dropping moments” for global clients visiting the Nalco Water campus and cater to solving their exact business needs.


• Ecolab Nalco Water (ENW) leveraged S5D’s experience in brilliant storytelling and emerging technology to create amazing content for their six core digital offerings.

•Sector 5 Digital and partners created a physical holodeck, equipped with nine edge-blended 3D projectors, to virtually immerse Nalco Water’s customers in their specific industries and encourage learning about ENW’s new digital offerings.


  • Using state-of-the-art technology, we created engaging stories that:
    • Highlighted customers’ problems in their specific field
    • Communicated how Nalco Water’s digital offerings would benefit their clients’ businesses
    • Completely immersed visitors in the environment using 360, 3D projection
    • Displayed real-time dashboards from the ECOLAB3D platform within the experience showcasing actual use-cases
  • The brand launch generated a dramatic increase in internal stakeholder buy-in and proved to be an efficient sales tool for Nalco Water’s sales and communications teams.
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