American Airlines Disney Planes Experience

American Airlines Disney Planes Experience

In-terminal experience to promote American’s new brand


AA had an animated character in the upcoming Disney Planes movie and wanted to promote Tripp and the new American branding by creating an entertaining interactive game that would appeal to both children and adults. The structure needed to be modular in nature to allow the components to get through security and be set up easily and quickly in AA’s 5 major hubs.


Sector 5 created a highly enjoyable experience complete with a simulated runaway, colorful graphics and video promoting Tripp including an interactive game whereby participants flew an airplane through rings in the clouds using their arms as wings. Points were collected along the way and a picture was taken of each participant at the end of their adventure. The top points achievers were proudly displayed on a leader board with their picture


The response from the public was amazing, with thousands of AA’s customers experiencing the in-terminal activation in New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and Dallas-Fort Worth. This built anticipation for the movie prior to its release and created brand awareness for American’s new logo. After the activation was complete one of the structures was moved to American’s HQ and later the interactive game content was repurposed for American and their oneworld alliance partners to draw attendees into their booth space at the Global Business Travel Association conference.
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