Titus Magic Portal AR

Titus Magic Portal AR

Created a highly engaging Augmented Reality experience for AHR 2019, the world’s largest marketplace for HVACR


To innovatively portray the benefits of Titus products at AHR 2019 through a hands-on learning tool that allows further engagement with the audience.


Titus challenged Sector 5 to develop a highly engaging and product-focused experience that leverages the power of Augmented Reality for AHR 2019 and beyond. Vital to capture the audience and customers, while providing an overview of each product that highlights how Titus challenges the status quo.


Using the new 12.9” iPads, Titus and Sector 5 Digital linked together to venture into the HVAC industry and showcase how Titus has always been on the forefront of innovation. The Titus Magic Portal AR application allowed for users to get a deeper understanding of Titus’s products capabilities while seeing it in an actual office scenario.
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