American Airlines Gear VR

American Airlines Gear VR

American Airlines is using innovative techniques to empower its sales team locally and internationally, by deploying experiential VR technology combined with S5D’s incredible creative team.


S5D needed to show the internal view of new American Airlines cabins as well as locations around the updated terminals to an audience that may not be able to see these in real life. We sought to empower the entire American Airlines sales team by showcasing these offerings in an interactive way while still being portable enough to fit in a briefcase.


To create an easily portable solution that allowed the AA sales team to give interactive and immersive tours of their cabins to customers. We initially used the gear VR as out platform and then transitioned to the Oculus Go as new hardware released to keep the best and most affordable experience in the hands of American Airlines’ international sales team. We pioneered 360 pre-rendered techniques combined with real-time interaction to create a solution so high in fidelity that it leapfrogged American Airlines over their competition in the manner they are showing their aircraft to potential buyers.


Using assets previously created for marketing stills combined with new models, S5D created an interactive 360 tour of American Airlines cabins and Flagship Dining area able to be viewed on the GearVR. Once the Oculus Go released, the VR experience was rebuilt for that platform within days. There are now over 250 headsets with their sales team across the world and demand for this experience has grown exponentially since release. As more sales are linked directly to the ROI of this experience for American Airlines, concrete benefits for investing in virtual reality are being seen.

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