Mavenir Virtual Customer Experience Platform

Mavenir Virtual Customer Experience Platform

Mavenir asked Sector 5 Digital to create a virtual customer experience to promote Mavenir’s brand and vision of “One network. Any cloud. All software.” and showcase its end-to-end mobile network product portfolio.


  • Mavenir wanted to showcase their portfolio of end-to-end mobile network software in a way that was portable, scalable and cost effective.
  • Their team wanted a tool that would be comparable with physical customer experience centers, enabling customers to explore the art of the possible by featuring Mavenir software and services in various real-world use cases.
  • Mavenir challenged Sector 5 Digital (S5D) to create a simple yet engaging virtual customer tool to demonstrate how their cloud-native software is building the future of networks and transforming the way the world connects.


  • S5D created the Mavenir Virtual Customer Experience Platform (VCEP), a browser-based digital storytelling tool that invites customers to explore a variety of hypothetical “day in the life” scenarios: Consumer, Enterprise, and Industry 4.0. Each scenario includes their end-to-end network architectures and data flows.
  • Users can also visit the Mavenir Virtual Demo Lab portion of the experience and interact with the scenario equipment and watch product demos.
  • This experiential microsite allowed Mavenir’s sales team to use the VCEP virtually with prospective customers at any time. The microsite leveraged the recently released Metahuman Creator Software by Unreal Engine to make each character as photorealistic as possible.
  • The VCEP was also shown live in 3D at the 2022 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, which completely immersed attendees within the experience.


  • Attendees of MWC were both impressed and entertained by the 3D theater experience. The tool helped stimulate conversations with customers, industry analysts, and even competitors. Several Communication Service Providers commented that they could benefit from such a tool to help their enterprise customers better understand the benefits of various 5G use cases.
  • 5G network technology is typically very complex and difficult to visualize from a high-level perspective. By combining creative storytelling with emerging technology, S5D was able to highlight the functionality of Mavenir’s products and solutions in various use cases while keeping customers engaged throughout the entire experience.
  • The VCEP microsite satisfied the main objective of reinforcing key brand messaging by effectively engaging customers in a virtual environment to explore how Mavenir can transform the way the world connects.
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