Air Taxi 2018

Air Taxi 2018

Bell launches the Air Taxi at CES with multiple immersive VR experiences created by S5D


Create a memorable experience to launch the Air Taxi product and to ensure Bell got noticed for their first time exhibiting at CES.


S5D combined VR with the physical model offering unprecedented immersion: passengers actually touched everything they saw (felt the texture of the wood, run hands across the leather, etc.). The VR was also put on mobile Gear VR headsets to increase throughput. Videos showing three scenarios of Air Taxi rides were created and avatars of the three actors were placed in the VR to feel as if they were passengers with you. Additional video also created to tease Bell’s presence ahead of the show along with additional website assets.


Delivered an amazing experience that showcased the innovation and expertise of Bell.


  • Bell considers their participation in CES 2018 and media & social coverage a high success.
  • Over 1.3M impressions on social
  • Coverage in 500 stories, 30% in traditional media
  • Top outlets included Wired, Aviation Week, and Rotors & Wing
  • Although Bell was the only helicopter OEM at CES, there were a couple other companies in the aviation space, but Bell received much higher share of voice than either of them.
  • Overall sentiment was 97% positive
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