Galderma Interactive Anatomy App

Galderma Interactive Anatomy App

S5D created an easily accessible application for Galderma to educate injector trainees on facial anatomy and ensure a safer experience with patients, significantly reducing the cost and increasing the scale of quality anatomy training.


  • Galderma challenged S5D to create a tool to broaden access to anatomy education for their Galderma Aesthetic Injector Network (GAIN). Anatomy education for injectors is important because it is the key to safely injecting patients.
  • Historically for Galderma, training consisted of 2D pictures and limited opportunities each year to train at expensive cadaver labs. There was no middle ground option when it came to training Healthcare Professionals (HCPs).


  • Sector 5 Digital developed an iPad app that allows injector trainers to teach other healthcare providers (HCPs) on-the-go about the intricacies of facial anatomy to ensure they inject Galderma products in the right plane for optimal patient results and safer outcomes.
  • The interactive app provides a 3D perspective of depth of what lies underneath the skin, which is a far superior alternative to the 2D flat images previously used for education. The visuals are highly detailed and photo-realistic. Users have the ability to peel back layers of the skin to see the underlying veins, muscles, ligaments, and fat structures, all based on accurate anatomical references.
  • A built-in aging slider visually demonstrates the effects of aging on both the interior and exterior of the skin. Users can see what different facial expressions look like between the ages of 35-65.
  • The user interface includes sophisticated touch and gesture controls for intuitive navigation, making the app easy for both new and seasoned users to operate. On-screen notes and voiceover toggle on and off to train the newer users on the key teaching points of each region.
  • The application currently runs on the Apple iPad Pro in real-time using the Unity engine. It is a highly scalable solution that is used for one-on-one meetings all the way up to training thousands of HCPs at large Galderma educational conferences.


This app has allowed Galderma to greatly increase the scale of quality anatomy training. To date, over fifty thousand HCPs have been trained via this application, results that would have been nearly impossible and cost prohibitive to attain using historical training methods.

  • The HCPs were ecstatic to get their hands on an application that helps them more clearly explain the anatomical landmarks. After all, a firm grasp of anatomy enhances the injectors’ ability to positively impact safe injection practice and create more natural-looking outcomes, resulting in increased patient satisfaction.
  • The training attendees have enthusiastically commented on how eye-opening the visuals are to help them fully understand their disciplines and provide a clarity not otherwise possible.
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