Norwex Toilet Brush CGI


Sector 5 Digital produced several animated CGI clips of Norwex’s new Toilet Bowl Cleaning System to be embedded in a promotional video that would launch at their international annual consumer conference.


  • Norwex needed to showcase the different features of their new toilet brush model in a way that could only be achieved by using CGI.
  • The toilet brush needed to be as photorealistic and visually stunning as possible since it would be embedded into a video that included live action footage.
  • It was important for S5D to match the clean, well-lit look and feel of the live action clips so that the shots would merge seamlessly in the final video.


  • S5D created a fully rendered 3D model of the toilet brush system from scratch, using a physical model of the brush for reference.
  • From there, the team rendered out several different animations and angles of the brush in various shots to be placed within the video.
  • The 3D model we created included incredible detail so that Norwex could utilize close up shots to hone in on the bristles and other minute features in order to showcase the brush’s total functionality.


  • Norwex was extremely pleased with the amount of photorealism and detail included in the final animations and impressed with how seamlessly the clips matched the lighting and coloring of the rest of their video.
  • The full video was very well received at its launch at Norwex’s Annual Consumer Conference and continues to be used as marketing collateral to promote their Toilet Bowl Cleaning System with Baclock to consumers worldwide.

“[Sector 5 Digital’s] experience in CGI and photorealistic animation distinguishes them from others. I’ve worked with several CGI artists in the past, and Sector 5 is a different level — their work truly caught my attention,” said Lenny Flamenco, Senior Video Producer at Norwex. “If you need photorealistic CGI, try Sector 5 — you won’t be disappointed.”

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