Galderma Anatomy VR

Galderma Anatomy VR

Galderma partnered with Sector 5 Digital to create an immersive motion-based VR experience to take their anatomy training to the next level in order to teach doctors and injectors who are non-physicians how to inject safely and effectively for optimal patient results.


• Galderma had already heavily invested in the use of cadavers and other training labs, but when they polled their injector trainees, they weren’t retaining and learning the information as much as Galderma wanted.

• They looked at this as an opportunity to adopt new adult learning principles by utilizing leading edge technology to enhance their customer’s educational opportunities.


• Sector 5 Digital created GIA, the Galderma Interactive Anatomy, a motion-based Virtual-Reality (VR) experience designed to educate the Galderma Aesthetics Injector Network (GAIN) on the foundations of facial anatomy to help their trainees understand where their products should be injected, based on each patient’s natural anatomy, in order to experience the safest and most natural outcomes.

• The VR experience utilized the HTC Vive Cosmos headset and a motion-based platform with two degrees of freedom (DOF) to take trainees on a virtual roller coaster journey. Participants were welcomed into Galderma’s lab by a female character named GIA and then escorted into the shrinking chamber. The special effects make the trainee feel like they’ve been shrunk down to about an inch tall, whereupon they are moved up microscopically close to explore GIA’s face.

• GIA then goes to sleep and layers of her skin, muscle and ligaments are peeled back to clearly explain anatomical landmarks to show safe areas where the Galderma products should be applied and key areas to avoid.

• The trainee is then transformed even smaller, shrinking down to Ultra Nanoscale and then moving through the skin to see the vasculature and key muscle structure from the inside of the face.

• After reviewing a region of the facial anatomy, quiz questions pop-up on screen and the trainee uses the VR controller to select their answer. The answer changes to red or green to give the trainee immediate feedback. At the end of the experience, they are returned to the lab where their score is displayed on a leaderboard to create a fun yet competitive environment.

• This immersion makes for a memorable experience, helping the trainee apply what they’ve learned much quicker than previous training methods and retaining the information afterwards.


  • Metrics revealed an encouraging Net Promoter Score for GIA, with 91.4% of participants reporting that they would recommend GAIN Anatomy Training to fellow colleagues. 
  • Based on the positive results they saw, Galderma plans on deploying this program to the thousands of aesthetics partners worldwide to improve their anatomy-based education. 


  • GOLD MM+M Award – “Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality” category 
  • PLATINUM Hermes Creative Award – “Use of Immersive Technology” category
  • PLATINUM MarCom Award – “Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality” category
  • FINALIST VR Awards – “VR Education and Training of the Year” category
  • FINALIST Eye for Pharma Awards – “Most Valuable Healthcare / HCP Initiative” category 
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