The S5D RUSH Platform – An Exciting New Way to Showcase your Virtual Experiences

Feeling held back in the world of COVID-19? Many companies today are struggling with how to best showcase their products and experiences at a time when they can no longer meet face-to-face, many live events have gone virtual, and not everyone at home has a VR headset.

We feel your pain. Before the pandemic, Sector 5 Digital’s core competency was creating highly immersive, interactive experiences for live events and activations. When it became clear that these events were being cancelled for the foreseeable future, we were forced to dramatically pivot our business plan.

Our clients asked us how they could continue to showcase the content-rich experiences that we had created for their in-person use and live events. Their main question was how to move this immersive content to the virtual space without losing any of its quality or engagement.  After months of research into the various platforms available at the time, we determined that none of the existing technologies would meet our clients’ needs, so we developed one for them.

S5D RUSH is a new virtual experience platform that enables immersive, beautifully detailed experiences and training/simulation environments to be streamed seamlessly from any device with just a simple browser link. With S5D RUSH, you can easily showcase digital content from perspectives that would typically be difficult and/or cost prohibitive to see.  These experiences can even be streamed alongside the industry’s most popular video conferencing platforms.

“As a former CEO of a trade show and event company, I’m very familiar with the obstacles currently facing enterprise organizations who need to tell compelling and engaging stories from a virtual perspective,” says Jeff Meisner, CEO of Sector 5 Digital.  “The S5D RUSH platform helps industry leading organizations create best-in-class digital experiences that are representative of their premium brand and product positioning.”

Virtual doesn’t have to mean virtually non-existent. If you’re ready to break free from the confines of a slide deck or traditional video and tap into the potential of next-generation storytelling, click here to schedule a quick 30-minute demo with us today!

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